Do-it-yourself is good, do it together is BEEtter!

BeeTogether is your all-in-one platform to launch and manage your own service DAO or freelance collective in web 3

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Meet BeeTogether

The platform made by freelance collective for freelance collective


Make Your Hive Buzz With Custom Features!

BeeTogether has all you need to run a successful hive.

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Find jobs via the open protocol for work!

⭐ Search for job opportunities for your Hive by keyword

⭐ Apply for work and submit proposals

⭐ Get paid securley with escrow

💙 Built with TalentLayer Protocol

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Grow your Hive's reputation (and yours too!)

⭐ Get reviews for your hive after doing work for clients

⭐ Your Hives are displayed on your TalentLayer work reputation profile

💙 Built with TalentLayer Protocol

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A shared funding pool for your Hive

⭐ Configure a percentage of your earnings to go to a Hive HoneyPot

⭐ Use the pot to pay for team expenses

💙 Built with ERC-4337

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Goodbye Gas Fees!

Cover gas fees for your members

⭐ Use your Hive HoneyPot to cover everyone's fees

💙 Built with ERC-4337 paymasters

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Make decisions as a Hive

⭐ Vote on what jobs to submit proposals for

⭐ Vote on how to allocate funds from your HoneyPot

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Access Your Data When You Need!

⭐ Thanks to Gateway RPC, ensure your Hive always has access to your on-chain data!

💙 Built with Gateway RPC

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RoBEEt AI Assistant

The AI assistant that helps your Hive work better!

⭐ Write better proposals for gigs with auto-generated proposals

⭐ Get custom generated PFP logos for your Hive, based on your name

💙 Built with Leap AI and GPT

Start Your Hive

The Hive Mindset

Hives are groups of independent workers that come together to get hired, make money, and grow their reputations together! This work style is taking the world by storm as more people transition to freelance and DAO-based work. What about you? Do you have the #HiveMindset?

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Build your hive!

Bring together a team to find work together. Create your Hive and add your frens.

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Search for work and make proposals.

Connect with the Talentlayer protocol to get results for job types by keyword.

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Complete work and get reviews!

Grow your Hive’s reputation and your own at the same time.

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Manage your Hive treasury with voting!

Cover admin costs for everyone in the collective, pay for joint marketing, and more.

Why Form a Hive?

Working with your frens has many benefits!

save on costs

taking clients together means you don't have to do accounting, marketing, and other admin tasks alone

get bigger clients

by combining skillsets with other workers, take bigger projects than you could alone

grow together

upskill and grow your reputation by working on more important projects with cool ppl

Our Stack

Built With The BEEst

Thank you to all of our partners for helping us to make the Hive experience come to live!

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Hives on a Strong Foundation

You can trust that your Hive is in good hands thanks to our best-in-class decentralized tech stack!

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A Multi-Chain Future

For Hives that work across many chain ecosystems, we've got you covered! We support all your favorite L1s and L2s.